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Parabellum: “If you want peace, prepare for War”

People: The issue with most people, is not, “What is the right thing to do?” The issue is that we (people) choose to do what we want to do. Do we choose to do the right thing, or the wrong thing? 

Yes! We all do both!

“For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate.” … Romans 7:15  

Doing the right thing requires learning, wisdom, courage, faith, and practice.  
We hopefully find, along the way, that we learn to act, within the rules, and rightly, by treating other persons the way we wish to be treated.

We are in the company of People, our greatest asset!    
People are the problem! Threats and theft come from people. People in the organization, or company, pose a greater threat than outsiders. Insiders have access and information.
Attitudes and morale are complex. If threats are perceived, and it is believed that management does not care, or is not responding appropriately, then certainly, morale and productivity will be adversely affected. Too often, this results in theft, sabotage, or work stoppages.
If the company employs a “lock down” philosophy, in an attempt to avert bad behavior, it is sure to adversely impact morale. Productivity and creativity will suffer when our team feels that that we are looking over their shoulder, they are not trusted, and they have little freedom.
Balancing control and security with freedom is an art. We must consider circumstances and company culture when determining the proper balance.   
When background investigations are conducted for new hires, do we test personal integrity and honesty?  
The ultimate workplace problem w/ our Team is Violence. This usually happens when an employee, suffering multiple incidents of rejection, blames someone (a supervisor or manager), for their life being in grave distress. 
“You’re fired!” … “FINE! I’ll be back with my brothers, Smith and Wesson!”
People are the solution: Effective policies, procedures, and training allow people to be the solution. Our Team will come to understand that security, peace, and prosperity is everyone’s responsibility. We truly are our brother’s keeper!  
Consistent and fair Personnel and Security Policies and Procedures help us create a positive environment. Employees and associates will treat each other with dignity, knowing they have management’s support. There should also be an understanding that there must be, and will be, consequences for wrong behavior.  
People need rules and structure, but also must be free to create. Our company is far more likely to achieve goals of peace and prosperity, when everyone involved is unified toward a reasonable balance of human dignity, freedom, and security.  
Threats: Every company is a unique combination of people, physical assets, culture, and circumstances. For the company to survive and prosper, it must mitigate its losses from theft, violence, and various forms of man-made disruption.   
Each company needs to be studied individually, and independently, to learn which security principles apply to that specific situation, culture, and environment.
Risk Assessment: A professional Risk Assessment is our best option to design effective assets protection, and personnel security, for our company.  
The Consultant conducting the study should not be related to the company, or have a stake in the outcome. An unbiased perspective is critical to a true evaluation of risks, and establishing appropriate countermeasures.     
The study should focus on people. Appropriate interviews with key persons within the company will unveil the truth. The Consultant should be skilled at listening and personnel observation.
Security: Security in our company is a dynamic combination of prevention, investigations, and training.
Without security, an organization will have neither peace nor prosperity.    

Security’s goals include keeping our company viable, limiting losses, and protecting people and property. Objectives may include:
a. acknowledge and mitigate harmful and costly incidents, and identify potential threats; 
b. prevent losses with effective and well trained security personnel, technical strategies, including hardware/software, IT (cyber and proprietary information), company policies, procedures, and appropriate training at all levels;  
c. develop and maintain a continually monitored HR/Security Program, that balances strategies of effective security with strategies for appropriate employee freedom and dignity;  
d. work within an appropriate and reasonable budget; 
e. nurture a culture of honest caring people. 
Prevention: Preventing a loss is always less expensive then paying for it later. Appropriate personnel, systems, policies, procedures, and culture will work in harmony, if implemented with a commitment toward reasonable and right values.

Investigations: Investigations and documentation of the truth of incidents and potential threats is essential for building a secure foundation.  
If workplace incidents are litigated, proper documentation will allow accuracy and protection from excessive legal expenses.
True knowledge is the legitimate currency of the investigative process. Untrue knowledge is counterfeit, doing more harm than no knowledge.
Training: Training emphasizes the value the company places on protecting people and property. It reinforces the rules of behavior.
 Employees and associates should be taught to respond (mentally/thinking) rather than to react (emotionally/feeling) to threats, and/or incidents.
Employees need to understand that they have a responsibility to continually reinforce security awareness and to support the company’s prevention policies, procedures, and protocols. This will allow the most appropriate response to a threat, or an incident. This will positively affect the organization’s culture.   
Culture: A positive and responsible culture will allow training in truth, positive expectations, and mutual respect for one another. This will lead to a greater relative importance of each individual’s safety, dignity, productivity, and security.
“Corporate culture is the total sum of the values, customs, traditions and meanings that make a company unique. Corporate culture is often called "the character of an organization" since it embodies the vision of the company’s founders. The values of a corporate culture influence the ethical standards within a corporation, as well as managerial behavior.” Wikipedia 
Management: Management has a greater affect on the culture than any other factor. Management sets the tone for the entire company. If the employees feel that the CEO is selfishly wasting resources, then the associates will feel justified in stealing. Sound security begins at the top and can only be implemented when modeled properly. 
Prepare for war!  

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