Solving the Security Puzzle for Our Clients 

Parabellum Risk Assessment Services 

Parabellum specializes in risk assessment services customized to your specific threats and culture. We work to help you identify these threats and mitigate their harmful effects by:

     Identifying assets

     Conducting focus group interviews

     Evaluating current security measures

     Determining vulnerabilities

     Creating a security plan customized to your needs 

Parabellum Protection Services 

Effective security limits losses, protects people and property, and contributes to continued company growth.

The Parabellum team provides:

     Effective and well-trained security personnel

     Intellectual property management

     Building and grounds security

Parabellum also offers a discounted annual security services contract which gives your organization access to the following services:

     Executive and professional protection

     Private investigations, including background checks

     Specialized training tailored to your particular circumstances 

Peacemaker PI is rooted in Christian faith-based principles, and we believe that all individuals are worthy of respect and dignity whether they follow a faith tradition, or none at all. We are committed to handling all cases and clients with courtesy, diligence, and the professional attention to detail that they deserve.

Hiring a private investigator is much easier than you could imagine! Just give us a call, and PeaceMakerPI will take just a few minutes to find out about your needs so that a comprehensive approach to a solution can be recommended to you.

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