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All employees need to have some level of security training and orientation.

We really cannot rely on the Security Staff or Law Enforcement solely for awareness of threats, or trouble.

Security is everybody’s business. 

And: We are, our brother’s keeper.

We believe, and teach, that employees and associates should be trained to respond rather than react. 

A reaction is often emotional, doing more harm than good. A proper response comes from training and thinking.

Peacemaker can customize your training to your unique culture.


WORKPLACE VIOLENCE PREVENTION: 8-hour program presents how and why this happens; how to see it coming; how best to respond under various circumstances; tools for personal awareness and defense are discussed; a proper and safe termination process is detailed.

EXECUTIVE (VIP) PROTECTION: 4-8 hour program presents this protection process from the advance to response to a real-time threat; walking and driving details are covered; we stress a low-key approach, as opposed to the high-profile large man w/ sun glasses and an ear microphone approach; the idea is to get the principle in and out without issues, incidents, or injury.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: 8 hour program presents the nature of mankind and the inevitability of conflict; types of conflicts; specific organizational and management conflicts and how to prevent; role play scenarios engage the students; a look at yourself through HOW DO YOU MEASURE UP; response techniques include perspective, forgiveness, and love; the student will learn that often it is better to engage than to defer or avoid.

BIBLICAL TRUTHS ABOUT ORGANIZATIONAL SECURITY: 4-8 hour program presents Conflict Management and Violence Prevention in the context of Biblical understanding.

REPORT WRITING: 4 hour program presents report writing for security or investigative professionals; type of reports; legal considerations; the 5 w’s and how; what a report should contain; the outline; clean communications and writing pitfalls; skill development; monitoring as a procedure.

RECEPTIONIST SECURITY: Often the receptionist in an organization is the first person to interact with the unwelcome visitor. The basics of awareness, analysis, and appropriate response are presented to comply with the organization’s security protocol. This presentation can run from 2-4 hours.

FIREARMS: 1 or 2 days of serious training in the classroom and on the range; CCW, personal defense, and protection team programs are offered; state of Michigan and National protocols and standards are followed. Peacemaker has successfully trained over 500 persons, including specific programs for armed guard agencies, and armed Executive Protection teams.

SECURITY FOR WOMAN: 1-day program titled “Grooming the Ladies.” The presentation is about the methods male predators use to persuade women to trust them. The little-by-little process may end up with the woman being attacked by the man. “Men are afraid women will make fun of them. Women are afraid men will kill them.”

SECURITY AWARENESS: Used as a module of many security presentations, this presentation is best illustrated with a unique “Color Code” technique use by law enforcement and military to identify the different stages of awareness from unaware to aware to alert to alarm. The student is taught the most appropriate response fitting the situation. The goal is to avoid the trouble in the first place.

PERSONAL PROTECTION: Also a module that can be tailored to individual or corporate needs. With violent crime and terrorism looming in our future, Peacemaker believes it makes sense to teach individuals to protect themselves, as their first line of defense. It does not negate the need for Professional Protection (Executive Protection, VIP Protection, Bodyguards) but rather realizes that sometimes the Professional will not be there. We believe that Security is everybody’s responsibility! This is tailored to the individuals, and has no time constraint.

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Peacemaker PI is rooted in foundational faith-based principles, and we believe that all individuals are worthy of respect and dignity whether they follow a faith tradition or none at all. We are committed to handling all cases and clients with courtesy, diligence, and the professional attention to detail that they deserve.

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